The food

“At the seasons’ pace”

Restaurant - Café
La Feuillée
Bruno Loyet

Chief : Patrick Lorgeau

The food is exclusively confected from local products.

A «Terroir» menu according to the great tradition of Lyon’s bouchons and the famous “Lyonnais mothers” Pike quenelles with a Nantua sauce ;Veal head with gribiche sauce, tripes in Lyonnais fashion. Breaded tripe, Mustarded andouillette, head cheese.............

A market menu, semi-gourmet and genuine traditional French cuisine. Salmon and duck fillet, (home smoked), foie gras pâté with armagnac, morchella tournedos, cream sauced Bresse poultry, Honey duck fillet, Pepper sauced charolais cattle, Lamb knuckles.........

A frog-leg menu with finely-chopped parsley is served all-year round Our homemade deserts: praline pie, tarte tatin, floating island, crème brûlée, iced nougat, Chocolate charlotte and our well-known “Baked Alaska” flamed in the dining room.